HI! My name is Naz

and I’m so happy that you stopped by to see my profile.

HI! My name is Naz

and I’m so happy that you stopped by to see my profile.

I have always known that I want to become a mother and I know that this is the right time for me to become one. I always thought about adoption as a pathway for me to become a mom. I am fortunate that I am financially secure to raise your child in a loving home.

Your child will be my priority in my life, and I promise to love him/her unconditionally. I am open and willing to love and raise a child of any race or cultural background and will help them connect to their genetic heritage.

I was born and raised in New York City and have spent most of my adult life here, including my years in college and graduate school. My entire family is here, and they are a big part of my life.

My parents immigrated from Bangladesh when they were in their 20s and have also lived in NYC since then. I have a nice diverse group of friends here and spend a lot of time with them and their children.

I love my community of family and friends and spending time with them exploring all that NYC has to offer. My family and friends are all so excited that I am pursuing adoption and have offered to help me on my adoption journey and beyond.

My Favorites

• The perfect day includes having a picnic lunch on a sunny day with family and friends, followed by a gathering at my apartment

• I can’t live without my family, friends, and my guitar

• I love chocolate! My favorites are chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake

• I speak two languages, English and Bengali

• I love all types of music! Some favorites are Ed Sheeran, Adele, Janet Jackson, Beatles, and Led Zeppelin

• My favorite destinations are Italy or Spain for adventure; Puerto Rico for a beach trip

• My favorite Holidays are Thanksgiving and the 4th of July

Music, Reading, and Travel

I love to play the guitar and sing with my family and friends at home or in Central Park during our picnics.

I love to see musicals and live music. As a child, I participated in many musical activities including chorus, theater, and band, and I plan to share my love for music with my child.

I love to read and I imagine reading to my child every night. I will encourage my child to explore their interests so that I can help them read about these topics. I also love to travel so that I can learn about different people and cultures around the world. Some of my favorite trips have been to Italy and France.

My Career

I work for a healthcare company and I am fortunate to work in an area of the company that gives back to communities in need. I love my job because I get to work with people who are all passionate about helping others every day.

I have held a leadership position at my company for many years and am grateful that I am able to be home every night and enjoy my personal time and space after work. My company provides a generous paid parental leave for adoption and I plan to take advantage of that benefit.

My Family & Friends

I asked my family and friends to help describe me for this profile. Here’s what some of them said:

1.  “A reliable and generous friend I can count on!”

2.  “She’s outgoing and enjoys meeting new people.”

3.  “She loves to learn, travel, and try new things with me.”

4.  “She’s an amazing cook and hostess!”


My Friends Say I Am

An amazing cook   •   Dependable   •   Calm   •   Fun   •   Optimistic

I love to learn all the time, and especially love to learn about history, music, and different cultures. I try to learn things together with my friends and family whenever I can. My loved ones have said that I am an optimistic person and always find the bright side of things. I believe my attitude towards people and life has made me successful in my life, my career, and my personal relationships.



I have close relationships with my family. I see my parents a few times a month. I have two brothers who both have children. I have been involved in my niece and nephews’ lives since they were born. I spent a lot of time babysitting them while they were growing up and still watch over the youngest ones when my brothers need help.

During the summer, my family often vacations together at one of my brother’s houses in upstate NY. It is a nice change of pace from the city and we swim in the lake, play games, and BBQ. Our favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because we are all in one place and all help prepare the feast.

I have good friends from all different races and backgrounds. I love spending time with them in NYC and traveling with them. Many of my friends have children. Some have also adopted and have beautiful, respectful relationships with their children’s birth mothers. I have gained lots of insight about adoption from my friends.

Quality family time is important to me, especially around cooking and meals. I learned how to cook with my mother when I was 8 years old and have enjoyed cooking ever since. I want to pass along my love for cooking and baking with my child.

My Home & Community

I live in an apartment in a brownstone building on a very quiet and tree-lined residential block. I have been living in my apartment for many years and have many friends on the block. I live a half a block away from Central Park and live near some of the best schools in NYC. Many families live in my neighborhood to take advantage of the good schools. My home has lots of light and space for a child to thrive!

When I am home, I spend a lot of time playing my guitar and reading. I also love cooking and inviting my friends over for a nice meal. When my friends and I go out together, we like seeing Broadway musicals, hearing live music, and going to the many museums near my apartment.

My Promises to You


5 Things I Will Teach Your Child

1.  How to be a kind person.

2.  How to budget and save money.

3.  How to become a better reader and enjoy reading.

4.  How to love music (and encourage them to play an instrument of their choosing and/or learn to sing).

5.  To learn how to swim.

I fully intend to tell my child that they are adopted from day one. I feel that every child deserves to know where they came from so they can understand themselves and thrive in their future.

I believe in open adoption, and I will work with you to figure out the best way for us to stay connected with each other to the extent that you are comfortable. I would be happy to share photos, send regular email updates, and remain connected with you and your family. I also understand that you may choose closed adoption. Whatever you choose, please know that your child will know that they are loved, that you are special, and that you had their best interest in mind with their adoption plan.

I am committed to raising your child in a nurturing, happy, safe, and peaceful home.

I will help them discover their interests by exposing them to many different types of learning opportunities. I will give them space to be curious about their community and the world and will continually make investments towards their bright future.

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